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The last two years were tough climbing those stairs - two years ago you were so sick, yet climbed anyway, and last year, Haylee was along for the ride. I miss Becky so much it hurts at times, but she will always be alive in our hearts and all of the fond memories we hold so dearly.</p> <p>&quot;I hope you dance.&quot;</p> Sat, 05 Mar 2011 08:10:07 -0600 /blog/entry/1257421/donate-or-join-team-breathe-for-becky-in-the-2011-fight-for-air-climb#comment3146781 Becky's favorite song: I Hope You Dance - ukdissertationwritinghelp <p>It’s a great tip on Do It yourself stuff. Thanks!</p> Tue, 08 Feb 2011 01:22:56 -0600 /blog/entry/41673/beckys-favorite-song-i-hope-you-dance#comment3117251 Becky's favorite song: I Hope You Dance - April Newman Starling <p>This tragedy has reminded me to keep those you care about close and don't take even a second for granted. Unfortunately, I lost touch with Becky in 1993 and just today found out about her passing. I will always remember her beautiful smile, contagious laugh, and the many miles we put on my VW bug while singing as loud as we could! She was truely an amazing person! We will meet again some sweet day! Until then, knowing that she is standing strong and well with our Saviour is enough! God Bless you all! </p> Fri, 04 Dec 2009 02:36:31 -0600 /blog/entry/41673/beckys-favorite-song-i-hope-you-dance#comment647731 Becky's favorite song: I Hope You Dance - Kevin <p>Thanks for sharing! That song is awesome!</p> Mon, 31 Aug 2009 04:00:25 -0500 /blog/entry/41673/beckys-favorite-song-i-hope-you-dance#comment289021 Becky's favorite song: I Hope You Dance - Jen <p>I am blessed to have such a wonderful caring mother, and I was blessed to have Becky in my life even if it wasn't for long enough. </p> <p>This song really meant a lot to Becky and will always make me think of her. I love you mom and Becky!</p> Tue, 31 Mar 2009 07:31:54 -0500 /blog/entry/41673/beckys-favorite-song-i-hope-you-dance#comment36991 Becky's favorite song: I Hope You Dance - Becky's Mom <p>I'll never forget the day Becky asked me to play &quot;I hope you dance&quot; at her funeral. We were on one of our many trips - usually involving a stop at the mall - just driving along in her little blue Cavalier without a care in the world.</p> <p>It made the realization that she wasn't going to be with us much longer really hit home.</p> <p>Parents aren't equipped to lose a child - we're just not geared that way.</p> <p>I'm so proud of my daughter, Jennifer, who selflessly gives of her time to help in the fight against lung disease. My hope is that one day, no mom has to bury her child because we just didn't have a cure.</p> <p>Jen - Becky will be running up those stairs with you...without that oxygen tank of hers. Love you always, Mom</p> Fri, 06 Mar 2009 04:35:22 -0600 /blog/entry/41673/beckys-favorite-song-i-hope-you-dance#comment35411